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Welcome to my website, and thank you so much for being here. You’ll get to know me more as you click through my site, but I want to take this time to quickly introduce myself and tell you some things about me that you won’t be able to learn from my bio. I’m a proud first generation Filipino-American gal. I have a major sweet tooth (ice cream and chocolate are my absolute faves), I consume at least five cups of iced tea a day, I’ve had Starbucks Gold Card status since Gold Cards were invented, I think hats are the greatest accessories in my wardrobe, and I giggle like a child whenever I see a Corgi in public — or not in public, for that matter.

I’m a restless ENFJ, constantly looking for new adventures and exploring newfound talents. I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys humidity, and you’ll probably never see me without a pinky-brown nude lip on. Beauty, travel, and music are my ultimate passions in life. It’s my goal to visit all 50 states and all seven continents, and I am determined to look glam while doing it — with a killer playlist in the background, of course. Also, I hate writing bios because it makes me feel like I’m signing up for a dating app. If websites aren’t really your thing, you can follow pretty much all of my life on Instagram.


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“There are few things in the world that can’t be fixed by a cup of iced tea.”

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